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Offspring Biosciences Launches New website

1st October 2021

Designed and constructed by our internal teams we are very proud to promote the new Offspring Biosciences website to showcase the full range of molecular pathology based research services that we provide to our Pharma and Biotech clients

Visit to review our complete services portfolio.  We are offering support for demonstrating target engagement of both small molecule and biopharmaceutical drugs in more disease-relevant settings.  Through our shared experience of working on multiple projects across a variety of disease indications including (but not limited to) neuroscience, oncology & immuno-oncology, and auto-immune disorders, we are helping our clients to understand the correlation between drug target and disease processes, to demonstrate how early target validation is critical to the modulation of target activity, and to show efficacy in preclinical disease models.  Utilizing our skills and knowledge across many methodologies for tissue-based analyses, such as proximity ligation assays, Nanostring multiplexing studies of RNA/miRNA/DNA, custom and off-the-shelf IHC multiplex assays and AI-assisted quantitative image analysis, Offspring Biosciences provide advanced histopathology-based analyses of distribution and regulation of biomarkers in normal and diseased human and animal tissues

Please get in touch via the website or if you would like any further information


Networking Event

Attending the 5th Biotech Hanse Forum

17th May 2021

Offspring Biosciences will attend at the 5th Biotech Hanse Forum in September, click below for more information and to arrange a meeting with us at the forum


David Fairley and Alan Williams accept invitation to join Offspring Biosciences Board of Directors

21st January 2021

Södertälje, January 21, 2021 -- Offspring Biosciences AB, a leading global provider of advanced molecular pathology services, announced that its Board of Directors has elected David Fairley and Alan Williams as Non-Executive Directors effective today  

David Fairley, currently Chief Executive Officer of Histopath Consulting Ltd, and previously Managing Director and owner of Histologix Ltd, which he took from startup through to sale, has been involved in a range of global research and regulatory projects including, but not limited to, immuno-oncology, in situ hybridization, antibody multiplexing, immunohistochemistry assay validation, image analysis and biosimilars, and as a result is able to advise on a range of technical issues.  He has a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from within the contract research regulatory environment over many years and has been technically and commercially responsible for developing and running specialised histology studies for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry  

Alan Williams is Chief Executive Officer of Talk Biotech Ltd, where he provides a range of life sciences research products and services, and commercial consulting services including support for technology and biotechnology startups, small to medium enterprises and university spinouts. He has over 20 years of experience in the life sciences industry, including working within an FDA audited GLP-compliant lab, several commercial roles for a blue-chip global technology company, and senior commercial roles at contract research organizations

Of his acceptance, Alan commented, "Offspring Biosciences is an innovative provider of advanced contract research services, delivering highly reliable and informative data for critical project decisions.  I am honoured and delighted for this opportunity to join the company's Board and help contribute towards the success of Offspring Biosciences".

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Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

25th December 2020

We at Offspring wish you all a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year in 2021


New team member at Offspring Biosciences

30th March 2020

Welcome André Charbonneau to Offspring Biosciences.  Following the completion of a successful 3 months internship with us earlier this year, we are so glad you have decided to join our team!


Offspring Biosciences will attend on Södertälje Sciences Week and we will present our journey from the beginning to now

10th January 2019

The purpose of Science Week is to create enthusiasm for research, development, innovation, and education, as well as showing the diversity of activities going on in these fields. Innovations, digitalization, production, and research – all with a focus on sustainability – are the main topics. Researchers, entrepreneurs, students, companies, and employees meet here to discuss the future. We want to display and create cooperation around Kunskapsstaden (City of knowledge) Södertälje, showing how we can contribute to a sustainable future together with local, regional, and national actors in our society

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New team member at Offspring Biosciences

30th October 2018

We are glad to inform that our former colleague Mia Nilsson is back as a new(old) team member at Offspring Biosciences. Welcome back to us!


Attending 4th Annual ICI Europe Summit in Berlin

30th October 2018

ICI Europe focuses on how checkpoint combinations can impact every stage of the cancer immunity cycle, enhancing the long term success of immuno-oncology drug development.  This industry focused conference will use the cancer immunity cycle as a framework from which to investigate the most promising checkpoint combination approaches

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New team member at Offspring Biosciences

16th September 2016

Offspring Biosciences welcomes Helen Jongsma Wallin as a new employee from August 2016!  Helen has a solid background from the Pharma industry as well as academic researcher. Helen received her PhD in Neurobiology from Lund University for her work on peripheral nerve injury and inflammation using histology techniques such as immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridisation histochemistry and autoradiography. She was temporarily employed at Offspring Biosciences during 2015 and we are happy to have her back in our team!


We are happy to inform that Offspring Biosciences was nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 in Södertälje, Nykvarn and Salem

15th July 2015



Biovation Park the research park that provides the basis for tomorrow's export revenues

October 2015

Offspring Biosciences was formed by four people (from left in the picture Anna Svensson, Mia Nilsson, Dan Sunnemark and Anders Dahlstrand) who worked with histopathological services within AstraZeneca. Not only in Sweden there is a great shortage of pathologists and the company today has customers around the world who demand their services

1,400 people lost their jobs when AstraZeneca closed its research in Södertälje. But quite quickly, new ideas and new companies began to sprout in the Biovation Park that took over premises, laboratories, instruments and a number of drug candidates. With a stronger and long-term commitment to strengthened production-oriented research from the government and parliament, Sweden's positions as Life Science Nation can be further advanced


Flying start for research-oriented service company

May 2014

Founders Dan Sunnemark, Anne Svensson and Anders Dahlstrand had previously delivered the same type of services internally within AstraZeneca and therefore knew what kind of equipment they wanted to work with when the group would continue to deliver under their own research company Offspring Biosciences

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40 former Astra Zeneca researchers now flight-ready entrepreneurs

March 2013

In November last year, the start of the business incubator Uppsala Innovation Centre's first business development program UIC Business Lab in Södertälje. Today, some 40 former researchers at Astra Zeneca, with ideas for new products and services on the market, are flight-ready entrepreneurs after completing the program which yesterday ended with a business idea pitch before a panel of experienced investors and business developers