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Anders Nordström. New Chairman of the Board

Join us in welcoming Anders Nordström to the Offspring Biosciences family as the new Chairman of the Board.


With a rich background in the Life Science industry, Anders has served and serves as Chairman or Board member for prominent companies such as Pelago Bioscience, Vanadis Diagnostics, Cartana, Halo Genomics, Moleculent, , Genagon Therapeutics, Fenomark Diagnostics and Epigenica.


His expertise extends to pivotal roles, including as Senior Advisor for Business Development at Uppsala Innovation Centre, Chief Financial Officer at Phadia AB, and Vice President Finance and Administration at Pharmacia Canada. Anders also contributes as an investor in Life Science companies through his co-owned company, Colibri Ventures.


Anders' ambitions to build and develop companies, his strategic vision and leadership will undoubtedly propel Offspring Biosciences to new heights as we navigate the dynamic landscape of contract research services. Our commitment to supporting the pharmaceutical industry in developing innovative drugs, coupled with advanced analytical techniques for molecular pathology, is now strengthened by Anders's experience.

Together, we are dedicated to making impactful contributions to the world of drug development.


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