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Customised Tissue Microarray Construction

tmas (002).tif

The Offspring team has extensive experience constructing TMA assays for generation of strong data in tissues from both preclinical animal models of disease and the corresponding human disease state

The TMA can be generated from fixed and paraffin embedded human and animal tissues


We also use TMA-formatted tissues for tissue cross reactivity (TCR) studies before clinical trial (biologics and in some cases SMDs)

Typical build of a TMA includes:

  • Pre-evaluation of tissue quality

  • Pathological characterization

  • Defining sites for sampling of drill cores

  • Assembly of tissue cores (diameter = 0,6 - 2mm) from selected tissue areas into a recipient TMA block

  • Reconfirmation informativity and functionality of the TMA

Customized Tissue Microarray (TMA) Construction: About Us
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