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Profiling Drug Binding Properties

Profiling Drug Binding Properties

Profiling of binding properties for small molecular drugs (SMD an organic compound with low molecular weight < 900 Da) and biopharmaceutical drugs (a pharmaceutical drug product from biological sources) is of high priority since drugs often hit several, often unrelated, protein targets  

Therefore, pharmacological efficacy is often driven by interaction of drugs with multiple rather than single targets.  To study the target engagement (TE) of a drug is of great value in drug discovery.  Offspring has developed studies that allow both small-molecule biopharmaceutical drugs to be tested in a more disease-relevant settings which enables multiplexing combined with binding profile of the drug

Offspring's dual assay combines autoradiography with immunohistochemistry. In this way biomarkers or hallmarks of disease can be visualized together with the drug attached to its target. This has been proven for several PET ligands within the neurology field  

Offspring has also assays in place to analyse target engagement in dual settings with biomarkers and biopharmaceutical drugs.  Therefore, this type of combinations of approaches may better characterise on and off-target effects and help to elucidate mechanisms of small-molecule and large molecule action. Early detection of off-target binding is of great value for evaluate potential side effects and also the selectivity of a drug

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