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Embryonic Stem Cells

Spatial Analysis of the
Tissue Microenvironment

Profiling of the cellular microenvironment in tumors and inflamed tissues

Current research aimed to develop therapies for cancer and inflammatory disorders builds on the need to understand the cellular mix, their functional states and their spatial distribution within the affected tissues. The scarcity of available tissues, the complexity and variability of the tissue microenviroment and the importance of reliable, quantitative data has prompted the development of advanced techniques for quantitative and multipexed analyses in minute amounts of tissues. The resulting information supports eg target selection and validation, efficacy analyses, patient stratfication in clinical trals and is expected to lend support in the future to diagnosis and individualized drug treatments in the clinical settting

Offspring offers services to conduct quantitative analyses of multiple anatomical, phenotypic and functional markers in human and animal tissues, using Nanostring and immunohistofluorescence/chemistry-based detection methods as well as pre-established or custom-made panels. Multiplexed immunohistochemistry/fluorescence (up to 5 markers per tissue section) are performed with pre-established or custom-built staining assays, advanced whole slide scanning and AI-assisted quantitative image analysis with case-adapted algorithm’s, generating data on cellular composition and activity as well as their spatial relationships within the tissues

Immuno-Oncology Spatial Analysis of the Tumour Microenvironment: About Us
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