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How Life Science Companies Can Receive Support In Their Work

Updated: Feb 12

Offspring Biosciences offers support services for businesses in preclinical and clinical drug development.

– We help our customers make new drugs available to patients faster, safer, and at a lower cost, says Anders Dahlstrand, CEO of the company.

Offspring Biosciences operates in the rapidly growing CRO industry (Contract Research Organization) and assists pharmaceutical and biotech companies by conducting preclinical and clinical studies required for regulatory approvals.

Offspring Biosciences specializes in tissue analyses using molecular pathological techniques, and their work is carried out at Biovation Park in Södertälje.

– Offspring Biosciences works with advanced technical infrastructure, efficient and precise analytical methods, and robotic workflows, including AI-based quantitative image analysis, says Anders Dahlstrand.

Offspring Biosciences is helping more and more

With these services, Offspring Biosciences generates high-information and reliable data that helps their customers develop drugs in a more time- and cost-effective manner.

– We’re able to identify winners earlier and stop losers, meaning projects that do not achieve the desired effect or that risk causing unwanted side effects for patients. This speeds up the entire development process, says Dan Sunnemark, COO o the company.

Since its inception in 2012, Offspring Biosciences has worked with many clients in Europe and North America.

– This includes everything from small start-ups lacking their own internal lab resources to the largest pharmaceutical companies, says Anders Dahlstrand, concluding:

– We have built efficient workflows and unique methods. We are flexible and tailor our services to the needs of our customers. This creates success that benefits both returning and new customers. A recently initiated collaboration with Flagship Biosciences, a major CRO company in the USA, will further strengthen our ability to create value for our customers.

About Offspring Biosciences

Offspring Biosciences provides contract research services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, using advanced histopathology-based analytical techniques.

The company delivers both ready-made and customized test solutions to its customers. The team has extensive experience in working with these types of questions from major pharmaceutical companies.

This article is a translation of an advertorial published in Dagens Industri, 30 January, 2024. The original swedish article can be read here.



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