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Validating Your Drug Target

Validating Your Drug Target

Solid and early-in-development understanding of the correlation between a drug target and the disease process the prospective drug is intended to alleviate, will increase the liklihood for clinical success and lower the risk for late stage, costly failures. The overriding aim for early target validation is therefore to demonstrate that modulation of the target activity will show efficacy in relevant preclinical disease models and that it has the potential to alter the corresponding human disorder with acceptable side effects


Offspring Biosciences has the experience and capabilities to support drug development teams in the target validation process, generating highly reliable data for critical Go/No-go decision making. This includes:

1. Characterizing the target expression profile and regulation in normal and disease affected tissues from humans and preclinical animal models


2. Analysing correlations between biomarkers for target activity and biomarkers for disease progression


3. Identifying target expression at locations that may signal risk for unwanted side effects of the drug


4. For this we apply techniques to analyse the target and biomarkers for mechanism and efficacy biomarkers at the protein and mRNA level, including immuno and in situ hybridization histochemistry, proximity ligation assay as well as Nanostring-based analyses

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