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Supporting Translational Research

Supporting Translational Research

Translational research strives to understand how new knowledge of disease mechanisms can be developed into clinically relevant settings as diagnostic and treatment regimes


At Offspring we perform translational research by investigating binding properties of PET ligands to human and animal tissue.  In a similar fashion we perform binding properties of Biologics in both human disease tissue and from animal models.  By performing Target Validation in normal animal and human tissue we provide important data relevant for identifying potential side effects

Offspring offers services supporting Pharma teams to develop disease diagnosis tools by various biomarkers, for visualization of the progression of the disease with advanced image analysis technology in both xenograft models and human disease.  Early target/biomarker validation in animal tissue will help to identify which model to be used in a preclinical setting.  Lack of the human target in an experimental model rodent or NHP can be very expensive and delay a project when considering In vivo efficacy of a drug in a model that lacks the target 

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