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Our new innovative tissue staining platform turns complexity into simplicity

Offspring Biosciences is pleased to announce our expanded technical capacity with the purchase and installment of a Roche/Ventana Discovery Ultra tissue staining platform which significantly enhances our ability to deliver highly reliable, informative and efficient support to our customers

The Discovery Ultra platform allows for parallel and fully individualized processing of up to 30 slide-mounted tissue sections with a multitude of analytical assays. This includes chromogenic and fluorescence based immunostaining and TUNEL assays as well as mRNA, miRNA and DNA ISH analyses

With a broad range of chromogens and fluorophores it is possible to multiplex up to 7 targets on the same IHC or IF slide. Up to 2 genes or mRNA targets can be combined with up to 2 protein targets on the same slide. A selection of the chromogens are translucent and give a third color when two targets co-localize. The unique technical design of the instrument ensures highly consistent staining results and its open and highly flexible architecture makes it an ideal analytical companion as we aim to continually adapt our service portfolio to capture future methodological advancements


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