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Closed! Senior Research Scientist in Histopathology

Updated: Mar 26

Job Advertisement: Senior Research Scientist in histopathology



Offspring Biosciences AB



Biovation Park

Forskargatan 20G



About Us:

Offspring Biosciences AB is a leading contract research service company (CRO) supporting global Biotech and Pharma projects. We specialize in histopathology-based analyses crucial for drug development.



Permanent full-time position as Senior Research Scientist



The role for this position is called functional project leader. It is an inspiring and challenging role in which you need the skills to balance between practical laboratory work (mastering techniques mentioned below) as well as administrative work such as designing study plans, calculate projects financially etc. You will support and guide lab personnel in projects as well as coordinate all project activities in collaboration with the responsible project leaders. You will design, develop, validate, and conduct molecular pathology analyses (e.g., tissue processing, IHC, CISH, AR, quantitative image analysis). You will proactively identify and solve experiment-related issues. You will collaborate with all team members.



Preferable PhD degree, well trained biomedical scientist or equivalent.

You have several years of experience preferable in Drug discovery/Biotech companies.

Hands-on experience in histopathology-based techniques is mandatory.

Experience in project management is desirable.

Mastery of the English language (spoken and written). Swedish language skills are an asset.



You have experience with molecular pathology-based methods (IHC, CISH, AR) in scientific research. Your work signature displays high quality, and you understand the importance of accuracy. You are proficient in interpreting experimental data and have a scientific approach to problem solving. You are efficient, focus on delivery in projects and are able to meet timelines. You work independently and have a strong sense of responsibility.

You have a collaborative mind set and are a team player. You are communicative and understand the importance of being flexible and adjust to changed conditions.



Why Offspring Biosciences?

Collaborate with global Pharma teams spanning diverse disease areas. Enjoy an engaging, flexible work environment with stimulating project challenges. Gain the opportunity to acquire skills in cutting-edge histology and molecular pathology methods. Be part of a team fueled by scientific curiosity and passion for contributing to groundbreaking science. We prioritize project delivery with a supportive and positive team environment. We demand excellence but ensure employees are never alone; we believe in achieving our best potential together. We value a sense of fun and genuine care for everyone's well-being.


 Apply by sending your CV and a personal letter to:


Application period closes:



Important information:

We review applications as they arrive and may fill the position during the application period.

We apply 6 months probationary employment


If you need further information or have any questions, please contact:


Åsa Johansson, Head of Operations/HR



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